RDB Music Group was founded in 2015 by Christophe BALENCY, publisher for more than 15 years.

Previously at Universal Music Publishing, he created his music production structure specialising in brand music.

This experience led him to see all the short comings in the identification of authors rights in advertising. He developed a unique tracking and monitoring system for broadcast advertising.

Today his expertise in the field of administration and regulation of copyright enables him to offer an editorial management model unequaled in France.

Why the creation of RDB Music Group?

“Today, in advertising, the possibility of music diffusion is unlimited. There are thousands of broadcasts, every single day, all the time, on a multiple number of media Tv & radio…which requires the identification of tens of thousands of pieces of music played every day. How can the artists and publishers be assured that they are going to correctly receive their royalties?

This is a major problem…

It is impossible for the artists and publishers of other countries to control, they are unaware of how their music is being used and when they will be paid…
When they actually do receive their money, the amounts are minimal and always wrong.
However, there are not only solutions to secure the music publicity DNA and ensure real time identification of work but, also to regularise broadcasts of previous periods. “

“RDB Music Group is the only management company to offer this level of expertise, in the most effective and transparent way possible.”